I was sure pleased with myself since I had left for my appointment at Sawyer & Company Florist this morning having planned enough time to get across the Casco Bay Bridge, then on into downtown Portland Maine with some to spare...or so I thought.  Then up came the bridge for the biggest, slowest boat I had ever seen to pass under...holy moly.  Good thing parking (miraculously) wasn't a battle (for the first time ever).  But I digress.  

I walked into the shop and was cheerfully greeted by the ever-wonderful Fransisco, fresh faced and smiling. We were ready to get cracking!  Francisco and Callie (I had spelled her name incorrectly originally!  AGH! Sorry, Callie!!) were so helpful, and I even got a quick lesson on color contrasts within arrangements - they truly are experts here.  It's really no wonder the place has been in business for over 100 years!  These folks are so friendly and accommodating, I am now skeptical that a rose from anywhere else would smell as sweet.  I just love the images I got of their stunning blooms, and hope you enjoy them too!