Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire!  This will help me get to know more about who you are so I can be mindful of that when I am shooting for you, as well as developing your final art!  I've put my own answers down, in case you were curious! :)


As Individuals:
Your Favorite....
As A Couple:


Two adjectives that describe me:  Unconventional & caring.

Strangest food I ever ate:  Chicken fried alligator.

3 movies I wish I owned: A Walk In The Clouds, Three Amigos, 42.

Pets I have: 2 cats named Penny & Lucy, both sweet little rescues.

Interesting fact about me:  I play the trombone.

Childhood career dream: being a princess and/or an archeaologist.

Top place in the world to visit: Ireland.

Birth day & month: December 2nd.


Candy:  Baci.

Sports Team:  Colorado Rockies (don't hate!).

Coffee Drink:  Used to be house-made espresso until I couldn't have the caffeine anymore.  Now it's a Decaf Ristretto 3-Pump White Chocolate Mocha with Almond Milk from Starbucks.  Wow that was acutally painful to type out.  What have I become??

Top 2 bands/artists: Really depends on the day, anywhere from Michael Jackson & Tchaikovsky to Phil Collins, Mariah Carey & 98º, to Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller and Ella Fitzgerald.  I'm such a mess with that.  I can't pick two!

Movie Genre: Zombies & Fantasy.

Quality of my husband:  he would do anything for his family.

Thing about being married:  Being with someone I know is in my corner 100% and living with my best friend.


Favorite Activity:  Going on adventures together, exploring, finding good restaurants and coffee shops.

Spot to hang out: The beach & any restaurant or coffee shop that we enjoy.

Favorite movie we watch together: The Count of Monte Cristo

Top 3 Restaurants: Raliberto's, City O' City, Watercourse Cafe.

The day we met: we almost missed each other until he caught my eye at the last second. ;)