When you're looking for a wedding photographer, it's important to note their attention to detail.  Now, I'm not talking about their ability to write impeccable literary masterpieces or making sure their blog grammar is 100% on point (but they should at least know the difference between your & you're, then & than, to & too, their, they're and there....just sayin').  I'm talking about their attention to detail in their images.  Are their subjects in excellent focus, instead of something unimportant in the picture?  Is there a big hairy guy in a speedo nonchalantly lazing about in the background?  Is something just not quite right about the pictures, but you just can't put your finger on it?  

That's where the pros are separated from the rest of the pack.  We continually hone in our craft and make it a point to nail the focus, coloring and composition of our images every time.  Take a look at the focus in these images from my fun details shoot today in Portland, Maine.  Can you pick out the subject of each picture?  Is it the shoe, the jewelry, the room?  All of the above?  What is purposely in focus vs. out of focus, and what affect does that have?