photo courtesy of Photographer   Patrick Jones

photo courtesy of Photographer Patrick Jones


My name is Brittany Jones.  I am the Owner, Lead Photographer/Videographer and Creative Director for 207Weddings.

Gathering around a good meal with my entire family is my perfect moment.
Breathing deeply the ocean air on a warm, overcast day at the beach is salve to my soul.

Soft, warm fur curled around my head on the pillow with low purrs is divine peace.

Days at the beach, mani pedis with my husband and shopping with my mom let my soul breathe.

Exploring new places and taking long, scenic car rides with my loved ones is the best way to travel.

For me, the soothing colors and music of a movie while snuggled up with my little guy under a soft, fleece blanket on a cold night trumps any warm, summer night on the town in the Old Port for a stunning gourmet meal, though I've been known to enjoy both.

Summer is sweet, juicy berries, dense, chewy ice cream, and sun-kissed, windows-down cruising to the beach.  Winter is down comforter snuggles, Christmas movies, and soft, warm, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.



The best way to be beautiful is to be real.

"Fashion comes and goes, but style is timeless."

Sharing a well-crafted meal with family and good friends is the ultimate cure for a bad day.

Excellent quality is always better than quantity or convenience.

Nothing beats the feeling of crisp, fresh air and laughing until your sides hurt.

What we all really want is to love, and be loved in return.