I am a total pushover and a softie when it comes to animals.  I have always loved them for as long as I can remember - cats, dogs, lizards (snakes are outside of my awwww factor, but I still don't like to hear if they get hurt).  So it completely tugged at my little heart strings when I came across a post on FaceBook by Inn By The Sea showing their latest foster dog.  "What is this?" I thought - "an Inn, and a wedding venue, no less, that has FOSTER pups?!"  I was immediately won over, and continued to follow the pictures of the different canines coming in and out of their care, finally finding forever homes.  After about two or three more, I thought this was too awesome and I wanted to help any way I could.  There is such a HUGE need for foster homes, let alone forever homes, and these guys were rocking it out and the animals were being adopted out!  So, I decided to approach them to donate some time and come take photos for their foster pups in an effort to help get those little angels placed, and today was the first of many more to come!

Take a look at sweet little Meeko - he is a fluffy little 10 year old Pomeranian who is so very well behaved, and from what I understand in his profile, he is excellent with kids, cats and other dogs.  Here's to Meeko, and Inn By The Sea for helping him and others in his situation find a place where they will finally be loved forever!  I will be writing more about their amazing foster program later, so please stay tuned!  If you think Meeko might be a good fit for your own family, please contact                          for more information!