Today's the day - my wedding season has officially begun!  There are a lot of firsts for me today - first wedding in Maine, first wedding of the season, and most of all, the first wedding all on my own.  I'm not going go lie, the butterflies are flying and my heart has been pounding all morning.  I'm not sure if that's nerves or the espresso talking.  Today marks a great victory - a mark of success that I can do this, and that I have what it takes.  I have put the hours in, I know my gear and my lighting, and I am ready.  I am ready for the official birth of my career!

Although I won't be able to use the images from today for my portfolio for the bride and groom's privacy, it will be great practice for me in a real life scenario.  I've done event photography, but a wedding is so much more personal in a person's life than any other event, in my opinion.  I am excited and nervous, but those aside, I am confident that I can crush it today and give this couple some images to enjoy for their entire lives, and that's why I am in this field!  Wish me luck!