So if you live in Southern Maine, it's basically mandatory that you are outside every day the weather is agreeable in the springtime.  It's incredible.  If you have not been here in late spring or summer, get your biscuits up here, YESTERDAY.  I am shocked at the amount of sunshine that we get.

So, to celebrate this wonderful season, what did I do this weekend?  Drop an undisclosed in jewelry that I had no intention of keeping, of course!  The lady at the jewelry store was such a good sport.  Since Maine wedding photography season hasn't quite kicked in yet, I've been getting antsy, especially with all the snow we got this past winter - YEESH!  So check out the awesome picks of my sweet little returns that are keeping me from going stir crazy, and let me know what you think in the comments below.  If you need a wedding photographer for your 2015 Maine wedding, it's not too late! I have some availability so please contact me TODAY to see if your date is open: or 207.808.2151.