You wouldn't believe the number of people who I have talked to who just DON'T remember their wedding, at ALL.  I knew having been married myself, and by talking with others and the first weddings that I completed that was the case, but really - there is SO much going on, the brides who didn't get a video done have regretted it, and the ones who did get one were SO. GLAD. THEY. DID.  It just solidifies in my mind that this is something I want to help my couples with.  Photography is awesome and will last forever, and is SUUUPER important.  In addition to that, video captures the SOUNDS, the CONTEXT of those photos and gives the viewer much more to relive the day again.  It's a complete package.

With video on the brain, In this case, I did something a little different for a Maine bride getting married on the beach - her bouquet is long gone, and his boutonniere has since withered, and the mother's corsage has been eaten by Harry (get the reference?).  But the memory of even her flowers are important too, in my opinion, so here they are getting ready for their big day, too!

If you or someone you know is getting married, please get in touch: 207.808.2151 or I'd love to discuss doing something out-of-the-box for your special day!!

- Brittany