OH my goodness...this day was SO MUCH FUN!

Sarah is an elementary school teacher.  The proposal was taking place on the last day of school, in her classroom!  They arranged to have the principal call Sarah out for a "meeting" while Bill, his family, her family and I all snuck into the classroom together, guided by one of her co-workers.  We had to quietly duck into an empty classroom to avoid crossing paths, and soon we were off to her classroom.  Once inside, a few of Sarah's co-worker teachers and staff got the kids' attention to reveal the secret to them: their beloved teacher was going to "get proposed to" as one of the kids adorably phrased it, and they were going to help!  As soon as they heard, they all just about jumped out of their seats with excitement, eyes glowing, and huge, beaming smiles.  Everyone was lined up in a large arch facing the door, and signs with letters spelling out and reading "Mrs. Scrimgeour" the family had made up were passed around to everyone in the line and arranged.  Bill hid in back behind the line so he could come through it when time came.  It was SO cute.  After everyone received their sign, the "lookout" at the door let us know she was coming, and everyone fell quiet after some "shooshing".  After waiting with great anticipation, the door opened, and in walked Sarah, shocked, smiling, crying, laughing.  Then, Bill came through the line, met with his love and dropped to one knee, ring box in hand.  "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" ......Can you even?  After a big, "YES!" Everyone erupted with applause, laughter, tears, hugs....it was such an amazing, different, spirited energy that filled the room, and I haven't yet experienced its equal in my career as a photographer.  It was truly inspiring.  All of Sarah's family, students, and co-workers flocked to them in waves of love and excitement.  It was magical.  Then after everyone had a while to soak everything in, Sarah resumed the last day of school with the kids, and passed out the cutest cookies Sarah's mom had made for the children (in the shape of diamond rings and hearts, of course!) to celebrate, along with everyone signing their last day of school "autographs".  It was just the cutest.  The hour went by fast, and it was time for everyone to go home for the summer.

But, our plans for the day weren't over!  Since everyone had flown in from out of town for the surprise, we arranged a family photoshoot with everyone, and some additional opportunity for Sarah and Bill to get photos together.  So that afternoon, we all met at the Eastern Promenade and did just that!  These folks were all so awesome to work with, each one of them!  If every family session AND couple's session I shot could go like that, I would be in heaven.  I had an absolute blast walking around the Promenade taking pictures with everyone, and every detail was just perfect: gorgeous weather, gentle breeze, perfect lighting, champagne, sailboats, people letting their dogs come in for photos with Bill & Sarah, loads of laughter - it was perfect!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!  So, long story short (and it's already too late, as my mom says), here are favorites from both of the shoots that day for you to enjoy, and I sure hope you do!