Here's a story from this awesome photoshoot with Dana & Patrick:

After we were stared at by the crowds of tourists at the Locks of Love, we decided to venture down an alleyway none of us had ever been to before.  It was a cool alley, and we got some amazing shots (the awesome reflection one included!), then we walked a way further down to another alley behind an old wharf, and a few things happened: my "assistant" nearly took a little kid out rounding the corner with the scrim.  Luckily, that kid's mom was normal and brushed it off since it wasn't that big of a deal, just a surprise and scare for everyone.  We walked a bit further down the alleyway and were followed by a random guy in a fluorescent yellow jacket on a bicycle who gave us a bit of a tour of the alleyway and explained that the horrendous smell that was everywhere was coming from the giant tube sticking out over us, and that is where the fishing boats get their "chum."  It wasn't a big deal to Dana since she is from here and had done a class project involving a fishing boat as a teen and pretty much knew what it was all about.  It made a land-lubber like myself stand in amazement that such a classy lady would have that kind of knowledge!  But, that's the beauty of Maine - classy people who aren't afraid to learn and get their hands dirty.  And then they clean up wonderfully.  Anyway, we all survived the sketchy fish-meets-wet-dog-smelling wharf unscathed (minus a nice pair of sunglasses) and got some great images and memories out of the adventure!

I really hope you enjoy the resulting images of our semi-nautical adventure in Old Port!  If you or anyone you know is getting engaged or married, please contact me!  I'd love to speak with you: or 207-808-2151.

- Brittany