At Sawyer & Co Florist in downtown Portland, Maine, of course!  I got called in to my favorite flower shop by Francisco who was excited about some new blooms that came in, and he also wanted me to meet a designer I hadn't met yet named Erik.  Oh my gosh, so glad I came in!  I did a double take when I walked in and found all the spring cleaning and decorating had been completed, new, vibrant colors of glass bottles and collectibles glittered on the shelves, and there was just an increase to the store's already welcoming atmosphere.  Francisco greeted me with his usual awesomeness, as sounds of Nat King Cole's timeless voice (swoon) filled the bright and airy shop.  So perfect!  

Francisco took me around back to meet the wonderful and very knowledgeable designer, Erik, who was carefully hand-crafting a beautiful twig wreath in preparation for a local church's Easter celebration.  Francisco was not conservative in his approbation for Erik's deep knowledge of flowers, and skill set with them.  I was quite impressed, especially coming from such an accomplished designer as himself!  Then it was time for me to get cracking.  I took a quick visual tour of the fresh blooms and arrangements and let me tell you, this wedding photographer was inspired.  The variety of these colors and blooms are just amazing to me!  There are even some gorgeous flowers that look like they could be used as official Colorado Rockies (don't hate) flowers, absolutely gorgeous with their purple and white hues!  Take a look at the resulting shots and leave a comment - which ones are your favorite?