I was excited to shoot in Kennebunk again after my styled shoot at the Barn at The Kennebunks back in June, and this delightful marriage proposal was the perfect opportunity.  Ben had a few ideas for a location picked out for this special moment to happen, and he finally settled on the perfect spot - the little beach where his grandfather had taken him as a boy to skip rocks while on vacation in Maine.  He had made plans with Mary B. to have dinner later in the evening at a lovely restaurant there in Kennebunk, while on their vacation here from back west.  It was the perfect excuse for her to be dolled up for the photos, which of course was part of the plan!  (HINT for you gents: if you are planning your own surprise proposal for your girl, she will very much appreciate it later if you have her dress up for the occasion - a nice dinner, night on the town, or special ritzy party are all good excuses.  If that's not part of your typical lifestyle, you might consider telling her you to have a couple's photo shoot planned instead as a nice surprise gift to her like Jordan did for Chelsie!).  After a few texts back and forth to coordinate, Ben was soon leading her onto the beach for the moment that would change their lives forever.  

After shooting around the area for a bit, we took a short drive down to another part of the town to continue our photo shoot, near another well-known restaurant with water views.  The place was packed solid for parking, but we were able to get creative and use the fun scenes around the place.  There was even a point where we were only a few inches away from some parked cars, but with a few tricks, I was able to make it seem as though we happened upon some amazing nautical backdrops during our adventures.  I am thrilled with how the photos all turned out and absolutely loved working with these two adorable sweethearts!  Here are their top picks from the session - I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them!