I had a blast capturing some photos of Nancy right after her graduation ceremony in downtown Portland, Maine yesterday.  She received her Master's degree in Health Services, and celebrated her big moment with a photo shoot!  It was pleasantly warm, and there was not a cloud in the sky, but a sweet and gentle spring breeze brought just enough cool through the air to make it perfect.  Nancy and I took to the beautiful locations nearby the graduation venue, me in my boots and her in her 6-inch heels....bless her heart!  This shoot was a big reminder of how awesome the city of Portland, Maine is - as Nancy and I were shooting, countless strangers stopped as they were passing by to congratulate Nancy on her accomplishment, in the warmest and friendliest Mainer way.  The spring weather was so pleasantly mild, just how you would imagine the perfect day to be.  I am so fortunate to have such an amazing city where beauty abounds, and the shooting locations and backdrops are virtually limitless.  In Portland, Maine, this is truly the way life should be.  

I just love how these photos turned out, especially for my first try at graduation photos, and hope you enjoy them too!  If you have a grad in your life and would like to gift them a session with me, I would love to more of these sessions again!  You can reach me directly at 207-808-2151 or at weddings@207weddings.com.


- Brittany