Sometimes as a creative, you have to get...well...creative.  This adventure all started Lauren, owner of Fiddleheads Flowers & Vintage Chic Gifts, contacted me in a bit of a pickle.  She had two beautiful wedding bouquets and a centerpiece she had created for a beach themed styled shoot, and due to inclement weather, the shoot was canceled last minute.  Lauren was really hoping for professional photos of the beautiful pieces she had made and decided to reach out to me to see if I could take some photos for her instead.  Lauren is an awesome friend who has helped me so much, and I wanted to do something special for her in return.  So I decided to step outside of the box a little for her shoot.  I immediately thought about having the flowers in a bright and airy space, indoors just in case.  The first thought that popped into my head was that I had seen photos of The Danforth Inn in downtown Portland, Maine, and thought it would be an awesome location for the shoot.  I knew that they have hosted elopements there in the past, and thought it would make the ideal location.  When I contacted Jean, the Innkeeper there, she said the timing was just perfect and that they would be happy to host the shoot there.  I was overjoyed!  Then, within the hour, I was on my way over to the Danforth Inn, stunning floral arrangements in tow.  The sweet, fragrant smell of the peonies and garden roses positively filled my car as I made the quick drive into town, and brightened my spirits that much more.  I knew this was going to be a fun adventure.  

The Danforth Inn definitely made an amazing impression on me in so many ways.  There, nestled on a quiet street in the West End, stood the almost two centuries old, beautiful, historic brick building with intricate white trim details.  Rounding the corner to find parking, I was so relieved to find ample spaces, with no meter, and for two hours, no less!  This was definitely an awesome first impression.  As I entered, the inn had a very clean and open feel.  It was obviously recently renovated and very well-designed.  There were modern works of art and furniture gracing lobby, restaurant, and bar areas, making the interior truly magazine worthy.  Jean greeted me and showed me up the grand staircase to the West End suite.  My heart leaped with excitement when I saw the clean and open room that was filled with sunlight.  I got straight to work arranging Lauren's gorgeous arrangements in this amazing setting.  I hope you like the results of this shoot as much as I do!

- Brittany