This moment was planned to a "T".  The groom-to-be, Colby, had been planning this moment for I don't know how long, but a long time because we have been planning this shoot together for quite some time.  But bottom line, we had a plan.  He would get Megan to the Moon Tide Garden at Ocean Gateway in Portland, Maine, near the water, and me and my second shooter would be hiding in the wings and swoop in at the right moment.  The day couldn't have been more perfect - clear, blue skies, blue water and pleasantly warm sunshine.  It would have been awesome if we all had walkie-talkies and were dressed in trench coats, BUT those are SO last season.

Colby had the perfect cover story - there was a Bare Naked Ladies concert going on at Ocean Gateway.  Sorry, Megan, no concert, so everlasting love will have to do. ;)  I hope you all enjoy their images - I really love them and hope they become a beautiful reminder of that amazing day "way back when."