So I wanted to make a fun short film to showcase my new branding in a different way, and to show my cool new sealing supplies since not everyone has had a chance to see it for themselves!  Another reason I made this is to speak to the amount of work that goes into even a little film like this - everything from writing the story in pre-production, blocking, staging, multiple takes of multiple angles, lighting, music....and lots and lots of sealing wax! LOL  So much so, that I ran out of pink wax and had to use orange for some clips, and the final product is downright hilarious in color.  The B/W version is something most photographers will understand. Sometimes when colors just doesn't work out, you make a "creative decision"  by making it Black and White, and all is fixed!  So, as my mom says, long story short, and it's already too late - it's not just turning on a camera!  Please enjoy and let me know which of these versions is your favorite!

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