It was so awesome to finally meet Jennifer & Conor, and their fur babies, Mooch & Oreo (they live in New York and drove out just for our shoot!).  These are some good folks, and the love that they have for each other and their fuzzy family just radiates off of them.  I was so excited to shoot their engagement photos, and at Granite Ridge Estate and Barn in Norway, Maine, no less!  What a wonderful day it was!  

It was a little warmer than we all expected for the shoot, and we were excited that we still had some fabulous snow (not to mention those to-die-for mountains) as part of the backdrop.  We started by de-thawing in the cozy lodge house there at Granite Ridge - Micki, the owner already had a fire going in the big fireplace, and the setting was just everything you could ever wish for in a wintery mountain escape.  It was perfection.  We decided it would be a good idea for the pups to get out and run around and stretch their legs for their portion of the day.  So as we were getting ready to head outside, cute little Oreo waddled over to me, looked me up and down, took a good couple of sniffs and decided I was a good spot to claim - and then proceeded to pee on my shoes!  LOL  It.  Was.  Hilarious.  I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!  Jennifer and Conor apologized profusely, but I assured them through my laughter that it was totally fine!!  It was just such a funny life moment, and one that I won't soon forget.  Life is full of little moments like that, and as odd as it sounds, I was so appreciative of it.  I love making memories (both on and off camera), and being in the moment as an adventure unfolds or, in our case, something hilarious occurs.  I absolutely embrace that kind of side-splitting action in my life.  Plus, it's so much fun to tell and re-tell these kinds of stories to others!

Jennifer and Conor did a fantastic job during our shoot, and were real troopers when it came to being cold at certain points - don't they just look gorgeous??  I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos as much as I enjoyed my day with these guys, making memories to last a lifetime, both on and off camera (my favorite things in the world to do)!!

If you would like photos like these for your own engagement, I'd love to chat with you, and make it happen!  You can reach me directly at 207-808-2151 or

- Brittany