Here it was, the Monday after Valentine's Day.  The "blizzard" here in Southern Maine was over, and the holiday rush through.  Since Valentine's Day is pretty much like Black Friday for flower shops, I was hesitant that I would even be able to reach anyone today, and especially since it is President's day.  But, much to my delight, Fransisco of Sawyer & Company Florist was there to take my call this morning and answer my questions about the flower business with utmost expertise and professionalism.  He even said I could come by this afternoon and talk a little more and check out the store, which I gladly did.  It is an adorable storefront located in downtown Portland Maine with equally adorable flowers and knick knacks carefully displayed in the airy space.  I enjoyed my chat very much with Fransisco, and I am super excited that I will be coming back tomorrow to shoot the space and arrangements!  The flowers I saw are stunning, and will make for some amazing images that I can't wait to show!  If you are the least bit interested in flowers, stay tuned!