I've set the scene for you for this adventure in a previous blog.  Now, here is what happened in that setting of Maine summer perfection.

Ft. Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is just so breathtaking any time of the year, but especially in the summer.  And, as it is such a large (and free) attraction, it comes with its fair share of tourist traffic, even on a weekday.  This day was no different.  Even with the downpour a few hours later, people sure did not hesitate to take advantage of the break in the clouds with a visit to the park.  As I do with most of my grooms-to-be, Chris and I had arranged for me to arrive ahead of time so I could be there when he popped the question.  And arrive I did.  And so did the visitors to the park.  I texted Chris to let him know I was in position, but that there were quite a few people milling around the very spot where things were to be taking place.  So I kicked into crowd control mode and started (politely) informing the visitors of what was going to take place, and so they cleared out.  Then came another group.  Cleared them out also.  Then a third wave came, and Chris and Khrystyna were there in the wave, Chris, nervously glancing at me, and I at him.  It was too late to clear out the last stragglers with the plan so I had to think fast.  Chris took Khrystyna down the path a little ways from "the spot" while the other tourists took pictures of the lighthouse with their phones.  Then I had an idea.....I asked the group there, "hey, would you like me to take your picture?".  They politely declined, then I approached a relieved Chris & unwitting Khrystyna and asked them the same question.  "Sure!" they said.  Then they walked right into position, and everything just fell into place perfectly.  Chris had Khrystyna turn around to look at the lighthouse and, down on one knee, he called her name to turn around.  She was totally surprised and came sweetly over to him to kiss him, and put the lovely ring on her finger.  Phew - mission complete!

After they had a few minutes alone with tears of joy, we started walking to scope out some places in the park to shoot.  I wanted to go to some different spots than I had shot before, and I am just so excited we found these little scenes along the way!  A really cool moment (aside from finding out that they have a dog....ahhh! :) ) was when we were chatting a bit, I came to find out that Chris has a huge heart for our country, and is very much a patriot (as am I).  And as I looked around for a spot to shoot, I saw Old Glory, standing tall and large underneath a wide open sky.  I thought this was a perfect photo op.  And it was!  After a few more locations closer to the water, our time together came to an end - it went by so fast!  To me, that's a sign of a good photoshoot. I do love how these all turned out, and I hope you do too!