I had the pleasure of capturing Jason and Samantha’s wonderful elopement at Ft. Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine last week. Anytime I work with Claire of Savoir Claire and Fiddleheads Flowers & Vintage Chic Gifts, magic just seems to happen, and this time was certainly no exception! This was such a fun and unique ceremony, and I just loved the vibe these two had with their fall fashion and hiking shoes, and even more so their sense of adventure! The night before, they had been camping up in Acadia National Park, folioing a long road/camping trip to Maine. Even though they are from out of state, I feel like they encapsulated the Maine spirit 100% with their true appreciation of the outdoors and the natural beauty of our surroundings, and their spirit of adventure. Plus, they were down (and even seemed a little excited) to explore a cliffside path at Ft. Williams with me that I had never been on, and man was it worth it!! This was seriously so much fun, and the views were an awesome reward! These two are a super sweet couple who just had the adventure of a lifetime! Now that they have had a chance to share with their friends and family, I am so excited to be sharing with all of you the beautiful sneak peek of their elopement in Maine!