It was great to hear from Francisco & Sam with Sawyer & Co + Harmon's Barton's again the other day - they wanted to hire me to take marketing images to showcase their fall line.  As I was about to head out the door for the shoot, I couldn't find my wallet.  I left, praying that I wouldn't get pulled over.  I should have known the klutziness would continue on for me.  I ended up driving to and walking around the wrong building (I had the wrong address).  So when I plugged in the new address they texted to me, Siri did the awesome job of taking me on a five minute drive around the block right back to where I started - the right place was only across the street!  It's just a good thing none of that carried over for the shoot - aren't these arrangements gorgeous, or what?!  All designed by Francisco, of course!  

After the shoot was over, I was driving Sam, the AWESOME GM for Sawyer & Co + Harmon's Barton's back to the store and the klutz vibe picked right back up.  As I was about to turn onto Congress, I freaked out at the speed of the traffic coming, threw my car into reverse to avoid being hit, and then I heard that undeniable, universal BANG-CRRUNCH sound.  My heart dropped to my gut.  I had backed right into a big pickup who was (apparently) behind me.  Then my heart sank further - OMG.  No wallet!!  I ran out to check and make sure everyone was ok - thank the Lord!!  Yep, everyone is perfectly fine.  Then the trucks....NOT A SCRATCH.  Thank the Lord again!!  I may have been party to a miracle as there was zero damage, and the guy just shrugged it off and went his way within minutes. I was dumbfounded.  Sam was so great to console me and my ridiculous and embarrassing "adrenaline tears."  Come to think of it, I felt the exact same way and cried the exact same way when I shot my first gun...but that's a story for another time.  Bottom line, everyone and thing made it out unscathed, and I got some killer images for Sam & the gang! I hope you enjoy them, along with the story of my misadventure  Portland, Maine!  If you'd like to see the full gallery, click here.

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- Brittany