I wanted to share a Valentine with all of you (which would be difficult, and oh-so-time-consuming), so I decided to design these and share instead!  It's time to freshen up those backgrounds and get some up-to-date festiveness for your devices with some free downloads.  I had fun designing these without trying to be too cliche, while being sensitive to the diversity of my readers...all with the resounding theme of love.  Yes, it's Valentine's Day soon, but most of us know already that true love isn't something to be celebrated on a single day like that, or even a wedding day itself.  True love stands the test of time, it weathers the storms of life and binds us together.  I think the fact that true love is in reality a choice put into action for others, and the warm and fuzzies are a by-product of that.  It requires real work.  These little pieces are in a way a representation of that - they took a lot of work and time to create, and all I want from giving them is to bring a smile to your face, or a good feeling to your heart.  So before I get too mushy on you, I hope you enjoy these little pieces that came straight from my heart to you.  Because, as my hero, Fred Rogers used to say, "it's you I like."  Happy Valentine's Day!

If you like the photography in these pieces and are in need of a photographer for your wedding, I'd love to chat: 207-808-2151 or weddings@207weddings.com.

- Brittany