I'm sure you are all well-aware of the glorious season upon us that is of the Girl Scout Cookie. OH my word, I have been going back and forth between Tag Alongs and Thin Mints as my faves ever since the 5th grade.  Still haven't decided.  The thing about it is I can't eat those suckers like I'm in 5th grade anymore or my clothes will not fit.  BOO HOO!  

But luckily there is a magical place in downtown Portland Maine that lets me cope with my disagreeable metabolism a little better.  That place is Bam Bam Bakery.  Oh yes.  If you know of their black magic, I need not go further.  If you are not familiar, you must go TOMORROW because they have the best Gluten Free and Dairy Free goodies that have graced these foodies' taste buds.  And do not even get me started on the lemon bars.  The image here is their Gluten Free version of the Thin Mint (for comparison).  Drrrrroooooolll.  So yummy.  I literally was only able to take a couple of frames because I couldn't resist any longer (don't look at me!).