Portland Maine Wedding Videographer  |  Sneak Peek

Man, oh man - I JUST finished the edits on my FIRST EVER Maine wedding video!  I put the time in the "classroom", did my homework, practiced, and had the priceless help of my business partner, yet I was taken aback at how different producing a wedding video is compared to still photography.  It is a completely different animal....and I love it.  I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into this film over the last five and a  half weeks, and am ECSTATIC about the final product!!  I learned SO much during the making of this film (and about myself, to boot), and am that much more prepared to offer the service in my repertoireI  My official screening with Kelly and Bryan will be early next week, and after I will release "my baby" to the public shortly after!  Stay tuned - you won't want to miss it!  Until then, enjoy this still frame from the film I edited with a vintage Hollywood feel. :)

If you or someone you know is getting married later this summer or fall in Maine and a photographer or wedding videographer is still needed, give me a shout!  207-808-2151 or weddings@207weddings.com.