Maybe I've been hanging out with my 2 year old son a little too much, but have you ever seen something so shiny and colorful that you wish you would just take a bite out of it?  Well, I definitely thought that when I first saw the chocolates Christopher Hastings Confections had to share during the Meetinghouse Meetup at The First Parish in downtown Portland, Maine last night.  These little morsels sparkled in the warm glow of the white Christmas lights tastefully placed around the room.  There were some that had delicate and colorful designs like snowflakes and jacquard.  I didn't even know it was chocolate at first, all I knew is that I wanted it, and that I probably wanted to eat it.  There were even some in the shape of jewels.  Jewels!  How cool is that??  Take a peek at the pretty little sample I got to take home - my favorite part? The sparkly silver!  How did they do that?  In case you were wondering, this particular flavor is their Maine Sea Salt Caramel - to die for!!  These would make some killer wedding favors!!

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- Brittany