I seriously cannot even believe that Valentine's Day is upon us already.  It only occurred to me what time of year it actually is when I got a call from the gang at Harmon's & Barton's to do their Valentine's Day arrangement photography.  When I got to the shop, Sam and I reflected how incredibly fast time is going, and how we were just talking about pumpkins and poinsettias!  It's times like that which make me realize my own need to down shift myself and drink life in slowly.  Regardless of the time being what it is, I had a blast highlighting these beauties for their big debut, and with my new, fast lens no less!  The new design studio is all done there, and is absolutely perfect for our photo shoot.  I hope you enjoy these photos of the gorgeous Valentine-inspired creations and that they bring a little warmth to your winter and hints of spring in their coloration!

If you dig this style and would like photography like this for your wedding, I'd love to talk to you about your special day: 207-808-2151 or weddings@207weddings.com.

- Brittany