So my first Maine wedding last week went just incredible.  The intimate ceremony was on the beach, which made for some awesome pictures for their family.  My exposure was dead on and I'm not going to lie - I pretty much crushed it.  Now this week's challenge - my first cinematic wedding video!

Tomorrow is the big day, and those dang butterflies are back again!  I think they help me do my best, to be honest, and keep me focused.  I wonder if they will ever go away.  I almost wish they won't!  Either way, tomorrow's day is planned to a "T", and sounds to be like something out of a fairy tale.  I won't give too many spoilers away, but it will again be a day of many firsts for me - my first time in the White Mountains of Maine, my first time at the very sought-after venue The Barn at Hardy Farm, and my first official cinematic wedding film.  Over that last several weeks I have tirelessly been planning my shots, ideas and collaboration with a lot of people to make this happen, and I am ready!  I can't wait to crush it again this weekend and give the bride and groom a treasure to last their entire lives.  Goosebumps here.  

Stay tuned for the public release of the film and to see if my lucky butterflies did their job!