Two blondes and a brunette walk into a really.  We did.  And we started Nate & Alise's engagement session there!  I met up with these two amazing people at the Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, NH to start off our session with some beers and laughs.  I love the fact they wanted to have some photos incorporating how they started their relationship (officially on a date for drinks), and who they are as a couple.  Having fun, beers in hand and fur babies in tow.  I'm so glad we were able to capture a slice of these aspects of who they really are as a couple in this session.  This was such a fun time, and quite adventurous!  Mid-beers, I convinced the pair to head out of the bar for some shots outside, and then another cool backdrop caught my eye in a nearby patio area...I couldn't NOT try to get something in there - it would have been such a pity.  So, I convinced them to head in for some quick shots.  But then I got so excited about what we were capturing, we overstayed our welcome and I may or may not have gotten us kicked out of that place.  But hey, it made for a fun memory!  

After thanking the original bar for letting us shoot around in there (they were so sweet and accommodating!), we were off to Wagon Hill Farm a short drive away in Durham, NH.  If you live in the Portsmouth area haven't been, it's definitely worth a visit.  Wagon Hill is a dog-friendly park with sprawling hills, bordered by forest and a river.  It even has a farm house and garden - how cool is that?  After some fun time getting some amazing shots with Alise & Nate's adorable rescue fur babies, Alise's trooper of a brother Derek hung out with them as we went exploring the land a little further.  As we walked down the main path, I spotted a very small, unmarked path in the tree line as we started to look for areas with water.  Being the daring adventurers we already were on this shoot, we decided to explore and see if there was anything worthwhile down that trail.  And it did not disappoint.  After passing through a bit of woods, we came to a clearing with a view of the water, and a small bridge going over some marsh.  It had been dry for a few days, and when I saw the views from the marsh, I knew this was it.  We had to get something there.  So we ditched the trail, went into the marsh field which was not too soggy, and we nailed the rest of our session at sunset.   And we event got to sneak in some shots of Alise & Derek for a Christmas present for their mom!  Oh my goodness, I'm so happy we did this - what a fun experience, and I am so happy with how everything came out!  Here are the final favorites Alise & Nate picked out from their session (and a brother/sister photo while we're at it) - I hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun making them!

Alise & Nate's Session Slideshow