So if you haven't noticed, I'm making some big changes around here - hello, re-brand!  My top-level albums are not exempt from this exciting change:  We're talking Italian leather.  Metallic stamping.  Thick pages.  Oh yeah, these books are heavy, solid, easy on the eyes, soft to the touch, and down right beautiful.  So much so, I believe (just like the wedding day!) pictures alone are not able to tell the complete story of these story books.  So I decided to make a video tour of these beauties to better depict the quality you can expect of my top-level album line!  Get comfy, grab some headphones and get ready to enjoy the show!

If you like what you see and want something like this to remember your special day, I'd love to speak with you about doing your photography and cinematography.  Give me a shout: 207-808-2151 or

- Brittany