I've never been to a New Year's Eve wedding before until Dan & Vanessa's, and I was so excited to film theirs.  Let me tell you, it was special all around.  Everything from the beautiful ceremony at The First Parish Church in Portland, Maine, the dazzling reception at The Landing at Pine Point, the jaw-dropping dress and veil, the flowers - everything about that day was like it was plucked straight out of a romantic movie.  If I could describe the Spooners, their family and their wedding day in one word it would be class.  They are all wonderful people, and everything about this day trickled down from that.  What were some things that really got me excited about this day?  Bagpiper during the recessional -  √ Check.  Outstanding taste in eclectic music choice and band for their party -  √ Check.  Stunning dinner menu, dessert bar and even late night snack bar? √ Check.  And best of all, the most amazing and loving family and circle of friends - √ Check.  It truly warms my heart to know that I not only had the honor to capture this momentous occasion for Dan & Vanessa, but for their entire tribe.  It gives me the chills just thinking about the impact this has on this family and their future generations.

And that's why I love what I do.  I hate to sound cliché, but to have such a huge part in preserving these memories for this family for the rest of their lives - it's such an honor and responsibility that I don't take lightly.  So, it is without much further ado, I present to you Dan and Vanessa's heirloom - their wedding film.  Enjoy!

If you would like a wedding film like this for your own special day, I'd love to chat: 207-808-2151 or weddings@207weddings.com

- Brittany