So my mentor got after me about my blog last night.  He said it was boring and there wasn't a story.  He's like that teacher who was always on your case, but ended up being right.  Little did I know that teacher whose expectations annoyed me to no end have helped prepare me for life in ways I never thought possible!  So I'm going to listen to teacher, and tell a little bit more of the story behind the images I got yesterday at Fiddleheads Flowers & Vintage Chic Gifts!:

As I put away my video camera from capturing some amazing footage, my hands started shaking and I could feel the sweat coming in.  Now was the time.  Time to prove myself as a photographer - did I really know what I was doing?  Could I handle this BEAST I was about to unleash?  My heart was pounding as I unclipped the buckle of the camera case.  I gingerly removed the body, then the lens from their cubbies - they were both heavy.  They felt like rocks.  I nervously removed the sensor body.  I wasn't used to this amount of security.  Lens connected - phew that part was over.  Next - holding this sucker as close to me as I could so I wouldn't drop it as I moved to another part of the shop.  It's worth three times the amount of the car I'm driving, and "you break, you buy."  No pressure, right?  Got my subject in the light I wanted.  Got my first settings dialed in.  SNAP - oh man, how did that look?  I almost couldn't bare to look.  But when I did - I wondered if any other camera ever existed.  The bokeh, the buttery-smoothness of the autofocus, the dynamic range - a photography nerd's paradise.  This is the Hasselblad 5D 50C.  This is one of the best cameras in the world, and I got to use it.  I got to test it and see if my skills were worthy.  I am now a trained Hasselblad shooter.  This is unreal for me.

As you can see, the enormous amount of detail lend to and OUTSTANDING image.  It was really able to capture the exquisite beauty of the bouquet, in color and in detail.  I'm so glad to have had such a great piece of floral art as my muse while using this camera.  It really shines in the images, don't you think?  The image above is a closer up angle of the stunning design by Laura.

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